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DynObj - Examples

There are two ways of building included libraries and samples:
  1. Ordinary GNU makefiles
  2. MS Visual Studio IDE files
The main makefile is dynobj/makefile.
The later can be found in directory dynobj/msdev.

Examples in source download

The source download contains four examples in the dynobj/samples directory:
  1. main1 + Person1
  2. main2 + Person2
  3. main3 + Person3
  4. AmbigId + AmbigHost
They show basic use of the library. The last sample is a bit more involved and demonstrates how anonymous duplicate type IDs can be resolved at run-time.

Note: To build the samples you have to first build the support libraries in the dynobj directory:
make dolibdort doliblt ds

Examples libraries

There are a couple of default libraries that can be built:
  • DynStr - generic string interface/object
  • DynArr - generic array interface/object
They contain plugin classes that are 'production ready' and have a bit more functionality.