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DynObj - Notes + To Do + Credits


To do list

The library has most initially planned functionality now and works (AFAIK) pretty reliably now. The current scope of binary interoperable objects are pretty much different C++ compiler on a given binary platform.

List of areas for improvement/testing:
  • One recent expansion of functionality was the ability of plugin libraries to load plugins themselves. This, and mechanisms to control this needs more testing.
  • C-bridge. There is very little stopping C language plugin hosts or libraries. Of course, the nice-to-have C++ typed template support would not available in C. A basic C interface and test case would not be too complex.
  • D-bridge. The same can be said for the D language. D already has primitives for managing VTable style objects. It also has an equivalent of C++ templates. It would be interesting to have D both as a client and host environment.
  • PDOH in a script language. Currently PDOH is a compiled C++ tool. It would be more flexible to have it in a script language (Python?).
If you have contributions (or feedback or bugreports), please contact me at : arst AT users.sf.net.


Somr sources that have been quite useful for developing this library:
  • An article on binary portable objects by Chad Austin.
  • A good article, by Don Clugston, for understanding member functions and object binary layout in C++.
  • This easy to use Javascript source code syntax coloring library is used on this site to present DynObj interfaces .