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C++ Cross Platform Binary Plugins

DynObj is a C/C++ library for cross compiler plugin libraries. It enables exposing and sharing run-time type information for C++ classes. This allows for loading binary plugins, and interacting with them in type safe ways:
  • A program working with sound can install additional effect filters while running.
  • A file manager can add plugins that handles new archive types.
  • Or it can add file popup menu handlers, or toolbar commands from plugins.
  • A text editor can add an editing mode (say Python editing) when the text editor is running.
So, plugins can make a static application a lot more dynamic. And DynObj does this in a generic, type safe way.

The Website

  • Overview - Background documentation on the library.
  • Administer - Users of the library can share and administer their public DynObj interfaces.
  • Documentation - Programmers documentation.
  • Downloads - Source code downloads.