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#include <DynObj.h>

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DynI VObj DynSharedI DynStr

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Interface members

virtual DynObjType *docall doGetType (const DynI **pself=0) const
virtual void docall doDestroy ()
virtual void docall doDtor ()

Public Member Functions

Other functions

 DynObj ()
 ~DynObj ()

Detailed Description

This class represents objects that can be created and destroyed. It is the type of new objects created (from type names/type IDs). To destroy a DynObj, the function doDestroy is used. Virtual destructors are not safe across compiler boundaries.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DynObj::DynObj (  ) 

The ctor and dtor does object tracking if enabled.

Member Function Documentation

virtual DynObjType* docall DynObj::doGetType ( const DynI **  pself = 0  )  const [virtual]

Returns type of this object. Each type that wants to make itself known should override this method. DynI knows its own type so we get the type without any lookup. It is faster and works without registration.

pself allows fetching the actual 'this' used inside doGetType (from a side base, this will be different to the 'this' of the caller).
A DynObjType pointer

Reimplemented from DynI.

Reimplemented in DynSharedI, and DynStr.

virtual void docall DynObj::doDestroy (  )  [inline, virtual]

doDestroy is invoked by the owner to delete it. An implementation should both call its own most derived C++ destructor and the object memory. A typical implementation would be: MyClass::doDestroy(){ delete this; }

virtual void docall DynObj::doDtor (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

doDtor provides access to the object object destructor. Currently not used. The intention with this member is to provide a way to invoke an object destructor without freeing its memory. It would allow for creating objects as sub-objects of other main objects. The way to implement it would be: MyClass::doDtor(){ this->~MyClass(); }

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