PDOH - Command-line options

PDOH takes a single file parses it and sends the output either to stdout or to the same file or to one or more new files.


pdoh file [options]

  • -o - Output file. There are two versions:
    • -o - Writes output into sections of the input file (update)
    • -ofilename - Writes output to a file named filename
  • -ppath - Set the path where PDOH C++ template file can be found (sect-lib.fs.cpp)
  • -b - Brief option. Generate fewer comments in output
  • -c - Force input file to be treated as a C++ source file
  • -h - Force input file to be treated as a C++ header file
  • -sN - Select sections to generate, N=1..15, combination of 1-general, 2-use, 4-implelement, 8-library
  • -fN - Select sections to generate to file. N as above

Example 1:

Update sections in DoBaseI.h, output to same file:

$ pdoh DoBaseI.h -o

Example 2:

Generate library from DynStr.cpp to file ds-lib.cpp. The template file sect-lib.fs.cpp is in the parent directory:

$ pdoh DynStr.cpp -ods-lib.cpp -p../