DoRunTimeI Class Reference
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#include <DoBaseI.h>

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DynI VObj DoRunTimeC

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Public Member Functions

virtual DynObjType *docall doGetType (const DynI **pself=0) const
Interface members

virtual MallocI *docall GetMalloc () const
virtual TextIoI *docall GetTextIo () const
virtual DynObj *docall Create (const char *lib, const char *type, int type_id, const DynI *pdi_init=NULL)
virtual int docall GetLastErrCode (int thid=-1)
virtual bool docall GetLastErrStr (DynStr &ds, int thid=-1)
virtual bool docall SetLastError (int err_code, const char *err_msg)
virtual int docall GetThreadId ()
virtual DynObjType *docall GetTypeOf (void **vtbl)
virtual DynObjType *docall FindTypeFromName (const char *type, const char *header=NULL)
virtual DynObjType *docall FindTypeFromId (int type_id)
virtual DynI *docall LoadLib (const char *lib_name, DynI *pdi_init)
virtual bool docall UnloadLib (const char *lib_name, bool force_unload)
virtual DynObjLibI *docall GetLib (const char *lib)
virtual const char *docall GetLoadError ()
virtual int docall GenerateTypeId ()
virtual bool docall SetObjectError (const void *pvo, const char *err_str, int err_code)
virtual bool docall ClearObjectError (const void *pvo)
virtual const char *docall GetObjectError (const void *pvo, int *perr_code)
Inline convenience functions

template<class T>
T * Create (const DynI *pdi_init=NULL)
bool ObjectPublish (DynI *pdi, const char *name)
DynIObjectLookup (const char *name, int type_id=0)

Detailed Description

Global DoRunTime class. Gives access to shared resources, a named object pool and types in other loaded libraries

Member Function Documentation

virtual DynObjType* docall DoRunTimeI::doGetType ( const DynI **  pself = 0  )  const [virtual]

Returns type of this object. Each type that wants to make itself known should override this method. DynI knows its own type so we get the type without any lookup. It is faster and works without registration.

pself allows fetching the actual 'this' used inside doGetType (from a side base, this will be different to the 'this' of the caller).
A DynObjType pointer

Reimplemented from DynI.

Reimplemented in DoRunTimeC.

virtual DynI* docall DoRunTimeI::LoadLib ( const char *  lib_name,
DynI pdi_init 
) [inline, virtual]

Returns NULL on success, otherwise error from library loader

Reimplemented in DoRunTimeC.

virtual bool docall DoRunTimeI::UnloadLib ( const char *  lib_name,
bool  force_unload 
) [inline, virtual]

Unloads a previously loaded library

virtual DynObjLibI* docall DoRunTimeI::GetLib ( const char *  lib  )  [inline, virtual]

Returns an owned library (for temporary use)

Reimplemented in DoRunTimeC.

template<class T>
T* DoRunTimeI::Create ( const DynI pdi_init = NULL  )  [inline]

Template wrapper for Create DynObj.

pdi_init is the argument to the object constructor.
The new object or NULL if failed.

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