doModuleData Struct Reference
[Library interface and setup]

#include <DynObj.h>

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Public Member Functions

 doModuleData (const char *cs, const char *impl, int dt, int pf)

Public Attributes

StructHeader _sh
const char * _lib_name
const char * _lib_descr
const char * _lib_author
const char * _call_str
const char * _instantiates
int _do_traits
int _platform
int _lib_major_ver
int _lib_minor_ver
DynObjType ** _types
const char * _compiler
int _comp_major_ver
int _comp_minor_ver
int _lib_flags
int _dynobj_major_ver
int _dynobj_minor_ver

Detailed Description

Holds information about a DynObj library. Returned on library initialization.

Member Data Documentation

StructHeader doModuleData::_sh

Verifies that this is a struct of the right type

Name of library

Description of library

Author of library

Calling convention

Interfaces & classes implemented

Describing object layout properties

Platform where library was built

Library major version

Library minor version

Pointer to types used/implemented in library (NULL terminated array)

DoModuleI for this data struct

Library compiler

Major version of library compiler

Minor version of library compiler

Library flags

Major version of DynObj framework

Minor version of DynObj framework

Library can 'return' a value from InitDynLib(...) using this member

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